Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Cheerleader's Ordeal

My name is Katherine Leonard. I'm 16 years old as of two days ago, petite and very pretty. I'm 5'2" and 110 lbs, with wavy brown hair that cascades down just past my shoulders, brown eyes made up with purple and grey eyeshadow and black mascara, cupid's bow lips that glisten with lip gloss, and measurements of 34B-21-34. I'm a sophomore in high school and a junior varsity cheerleader. I was walking home after the Homecoming Game. It was about 11:00pm on a Thursday night and I only had a block to go before I'm home. I was wearing my purple and white cheerleading sweater, white turtleneck, purple and white pleated miniskirt, purple  cheer panties, white ankle socks and black & white saddle shoes.
The dimly-lit street I was walking down is not well traveled at this hour and as I pass the far end of a large hedgerow, I feel a strong hand clamp over my mouth and a sharp knife held to my throat above my turtleneck!
"MMUMMPPHHH!", I scream into his hand.
"Shut up!", he hisses. "Make so much as a whimper and I'll kill you right here little girl!", he snarls into my ear as I'm dragged behind the hedge and made to get on my knees. He forces me to bend forward, pulls my arms behind my back and ties my elbows together. Remembering his threat, I bite my lower lip to keep from sobbing as he then ties my wrists tightly together. I try to move my arms but there's no give. The ropes are too tight! He grabs my hair and pulls my head back. I look up at my masked assailant as he stuffs a wadded up rag into my mouth, filling it and then ties a bandanna tightly between my teeth, ensuring that I can't scream for help.
Pulling me to my feet, he grips my arm and walks me down a barely visible wooded road behind the hedge that looks like it may have been an asphalt driveway at one point. Fifty yards down the trail, the hedge and road isn't even visible anymore. The area is concealed by towering pine and oak trees. The asphalt is broken and heavily overgrown. Tears roll down my cheeks as I realize that I'm being kidnapped! About six hundred yards farther down the curvy, broken trail is a large gate, chained and padlocked with one side hanging askew. The gap is enough for him to force me through if we both duck under. Another half mile or so and a broken down abandoned warehouse-type structure looms ahead in the darkness of a cloud-scudded half moon. The man walks me around back, down a ramp, around a corner and unlocks a heavy sliding steel door.
He turns on a generator and with a large amount of effort, he wrenches the door open and forces me inside. He closes the door, wraps the chain through the handles and double padlocks it. Locked inside, tied up and gagged, escape or even rescue is impossible. I'm his and whatever happens to me is up to him! I envision my face on the missing persons' bulletin board at Wal-Mart with a number to call if anyone has seen me. He turned on a switch and the lights come on. When my eyes adjust, I can see that the only windows are up by the ceiling and they are all intact and painted over with black paint. The criss-cross of I-beams, girders, pipes and conveyor belts is bewildering and imposing.
He unlocks a steel mesh door to a stairwell and locks it behind us before walking me down four flights of steps into the basement. He flips a switch and dim quartz lights come on, bathing everything in soft, dim glow. He shoves me into a small room with a steel door and spins me to face him. He pulls out my gag.
"What do you want with me?!!", I ask, my voice trembling with sobs. "Why have you kidnapped me?!"


   "Because little girl, I plan on making you my teenage sex slave for the rest of your life. Or maybe I'll just sell you into slavery and make some cash on your tight little body."

I push you back and pull out a chair, forcefully set you on it and shove your gag back in your mouth to keep you quiet. I stand behind your trembling body and pull out lengths of rope and untie your arms only to quickly lash them to your sides against the chair rungs. Your wrists are immobile from the pressure of the rope and then your ankles are tied to either chair leg. Standing back, I admire my work, your wriggling body making me smile as I pull out a large bowie knife.
    "You see this? You'll learn to cooperate," I lean in and gently drag it along your cheek,"Or else you might just find it deep inside you."
I reach in with the knife and cut away your sweater and turtleneck. You can only look on in horror as I shred it, pieces fluttering to the ground as your upper body is reduced to only your purple bra. I work quickly on your miniskirt, the knife cutting through the fabric easily, the tearing sounds dragging you further and further from home. Your purple panties quake with fear, as I work your saddle shoes off leaving you in your white ankle socks.
The dim light bathes your body in its eerie glow, the sleeves of your sweater still hanging from your body, joining the other torn remnants as I slip the knife in between your breasts and with just a tiny tug cuts your bra in half letting your breasts pop out.
    "What cute little tits you have." I say as I begin fondling them and pinching your nipples, "I wonder what else you might have."
I drag the knife down your body, the tip gently poking your skin until it finally comes to rest on your panties. You shake your head "no" only to have me smile at your pleading eyes and cut your panties off, revealing your teenage slit.
    "Oh my, you're even cuter than I thought you would be." I pull your gag out, "Now little girl, how do you want to be raped? On the bed, or bent over on the chair... Oh, and do decide quickly, I would hate for anything.... Bad to happen to you so soon..."

      I'm terrified as you threaten to kill me. I tremble as you cut my cheerleading sweater and rip it down the middle, before doing the same with my turtleneck. My heaving breasts are hidden behind my purple lace bra...for now. You cut that away allowing my breasts to bounce free as I sob. My flat belly quivers as you run the knife down and slice off my pleated miniskirt! You eyes take on a primal look as you gaze upon my purple cheer panties, which you soon cut off. You unlace my saddle shoes and slip them off, leaving me in just my socks! You pull the gag out of my mouth.
    "How do you want to be raped little girl?", you ask me. "On the bed or bent over the chair?"
RAPED??!! ME?? I'm only sixteen!
    "PLEASE!...Don't rape me!", I beg.
    "In bed or on the chair, slave? Make your choice and make it now!" I glance over at the tiny bed in my cell with handcuffs waiting to claim my wrists and ankles.
    "On the bed.", I sob, knowing there's nothing I can do to esape. You untie me from the chair and force me over to the bed, chaining my wrists to it. I cry in despair as you shackle my stocking feet spreadeagled, exposing the smooth pink petals of my vagina. I watch helplessly as you lube your massive penis, making yourself ready to rob me of my virginity! Worse, my period ended nine days ago and I'm almost certain there's an egg waiting! If you cum in me then I could get......PREGNANT!!! I think of my Mom & Dad. They must be worried about me by now. I wonder what they'll think when I get home...naked, raped and possibly knocked up. Will they ever even see or hear from me again?

Kidnapper:I stroke your head and pull the sweat-matted hair away from your terrified eyes and gently kiss your forehead.
"Don't worry little girl, you'll come to enjoy this. And who knows, maybe you'll end up being a permanent addition to my harem."
Laying down on your body, I gently press my throbbing member against your tight, little slit, probing and stroking. You blush and slowly become wet from the unfamiliar sensations. The light bathes you in its eerie glow and with one great thrust I slam my throbbing cock deep inside of your vagina. You scream through the gag as any hope of normal life is torn away as your young vagina struggles to hold my massive cock threatening to tear you in half. I lay down on you, my arms wrapping around your body as I pull on your hair exposing your neck. I lick the side of your neck and bite down hard, sucking and licking as my hips begin to work. Slowly and purposefully I rip your life away, each thrust becoming faster and harder.
You bite down on your gag, trying to scream, trying to call for help from somebody, anybody only to have it muffled by my hand reducing you to nothing more than a whimpering young victim. My hips work hard, as your own ripple from the assault while your hands and stocking feet clench and struggle to no avail as the steel shackles keep you tightly in place. I spew my seed into your waiting, teenage womb
I pull back my head and whisper in your ear,
"You're mine now bitch, no one is coming to save you." And I kiss your cheek.
Katherine:   I arch my back as you slide your penis up and down my moistening young slit looking for the entrance to my secret garden. Chained up as I am with my legs spread and gagged with a thick scarf, there's nothing I can do to prevent you from violating me. Forgetting that I'm four stories underground and nobody can hear me, I scream into my gag. You ram your massive, throbbing cock all the way up inside me! I clench my eyes shut, squeezing more tears to roll down my cheeks, as the sensation of a thousand knives tearing me open inside bursts through me! The gag muffles my screams and I feel my cherry burst! I wanted to give my body to someone I loved, but here I am having it taken against my will by a rapist! My pussy grips your manhood very snugly as you force yourself even deeper inside my body, and bottom out against my cervix! You press even farther and my eyes fly open wide as you penetrate my cervix and enter my uterus. If I'm ovulating, your sperm won't have far to go to knock me up! Agony has been been redefined as you tear me open, having your way with me as well as biting my neck and groping my budding breasts.
"Don't worry little girl, you'll come to enjoy this. And who knows, maybe you'll end up being a permanent addition to my harem.", you growl into my ear, as your hand clamps over my gagged mouth to further muffle my screams and moans. I cry even harder as I realize that you're never going to let me go! Suddenly you slam forward past my cervix and hold it there. Somehow, I can tell from your body tension and subsequent shudder, that you flooded my sixteen-year-old womb with your hot seed!
"You're mine now bitch, no one is coming to save you. I own you!" you whisper into my ear, before kissing my cheek and letting your softening penis pump the last few drops of sperm into me. You pull out of my sore and abused pussy, unlock the handcuffs on my wrists and ankles, and roll me over. You grab my wrists, lock them behind my back in leather shackles, lock a leather collar around my neck and chain the collar to the steel bed frame.
"You're my property now Arielle,", you smile, as you buckle your belt. "No one saw me kidnap you and you're never going home. I can do anything I want with you and nobody will ever know. You would do well to remember that...Slave." My dire and dismal situation is painfully clear and that last word: slave rings in my ears, as you lock the steel door to my cell behind you.


It feels like hours have passed as I lay, crying in despair, with tight steel shackles holding my wrists and ankles. I swear I can almost feel your sperm coursing inside me. Thoughts of my friends; Mom & Dad; my fourteen-year-old sister, Adrienne; and my cheerleading squad enter my mind and my heart breaks. I wonder if I'll ever see them again and begin to cry even more.

I tremble as your approaching footsteps echo hollowly down the hallway. I see your shadow outside the door to my cell and then hear keys turn inside the lock. The door opens and your muscular frame is silhouetted in the dim quartz light for a moment before you step in and lock the door behind you. Unlike piss-poor movies where the captor underestimates his captured victim, you leave nothing to chance. There is no opportunity for me to escape back home. seems so far away and it's no more than a mile to my front door.

I cringe in a corner as you approach. You grab me by the throat and squeeze, reminding me what will happen to me if I don't do as you say.
"Time for Round Two, my little slave." you say as you roll me onto my belly and heft my hips up into the air, forcing my legs apart to present my ravished pussy to you. Your hand grips the back of my neck pinning my face to the cold dark floor and the sound of you unzipping your pants fill me with total dread!
Chuckling, you lube yourself and lean in close to me,
"I want you to cum, Arielle
. Cum like the little slut you are."
You pull away from my head and position yourself behind me, as I tremble. Fear seizes my heart and mind that the fact of you climaxing inside me again will pretty much guarantee my getting pregnant! One thrust and your throbbing hot cock slides inside me again, ripping and tearing its way through me! My stocking feet drum the ground fruitlessly, as you thrust deep and hard inside me...taking me against my will. Even so, wild, unbidden surges of heat and exquisite tingles burst in my brain as I experience my first-ever orgasm! Your hand pushes me into the dark, damp ground accentuating my helplessness. I whimper and sob as you slide back and forth, forcing yourself deep inside my teenage pussy, feeling your heavy balls slam against my upraised ass, as you take ownership of what used to be a virgin high school cheerleader. Your grunts and my muffled whimpers reach a crescendo as you slam forward, penetrating my cervix and explode inside me, flooding me with your fertile seed! I feel so...dirty, so...helpless! It doesn't hurt as bad as last time, but the thought of me getting pregnant at sixteen and Adrienne becoming a fourteen-year-old Aunt terrifies me. These thoughts are broken as you buckle a heavy black leather collar around my slender neck. Now my slavery is clear! Adrienne will never know if she's an Aunt or not!

Hot tears spill down my cheeks and smear my mascara as you buckle a ball gag into my mouth, keeping me quiet. The click of a padlock ensures that I will not be able to get the gag off.
"Take one last good look at the light little girl, it might be the last time you ever see it again for a long time."
I sit there kneeling as your hands grope my teenage breasts until finally you lift me to my feet and begin hauling me out of the cell.
"I have a nice place just for you, you'll love it. You even get your own doggy cage! And who knows..." you say, as you stroke my belly, "You might become our best breeder yet!"
BREEDER??!! OMIGOD! You do intend to get me pregnant!!
I sob as you carry me out of the cell and around the corner where the hallway isn't lit at all. You force me into a room with a heavy wooden door and no windows, shoving me tied up, gagged and frightened into a small but very heavy steel cage.
The door slams shut behind me and I hear a key in the lock. I hear the cage being covered with what sounds like heavy canvas and any light that was present is snuffed out completely. I hear the door to my room slam shut as you lock it behind you. The sounds of my crying and muffled screams are my only company as I wonder if I'm already pregnant.

Night turns to day slowly but only darkness befriends you as you lay naked, bound and gagged in your cell. The ball gag and hood welcoming to your new life as your socks share the grim reminder of your past life as they hug your feet. Slowly you wake after hours of restless, nightmare-filled dreams as a pang in your stomach sends feelings of nausea through you. Your eyes shoot open to the darkness of the hood. This feeling could only mean one're pregnant!
"No, this can't happen to me." You think to yourself, "None of this can happen to me, it's all a bad dream." You shut your eyes hoping that when you open them, you'll be in your own bed, your mother downstairs nagging you that you'll be late to cheerleading practice. You open your eyes but only darkness meets you with the same foul taste of the ball gag and nausea in your stomach.
You hear the door slowly open and tears start to fall as the footsteps grow closer and closer until you hear the canvas be pulled away.
"Ah, how's my little fuckslave feeling this morning? You must be hungry and thirsty."
You hear the cage being opened and you curl up tightly as close as you can in a corner but the quick jerk of the leash around your neck pulls you forward and out. My hands grasp your teenage ass and body and pull you the rest of the way out and onto the cold floor. I push and pull you onto your back and kneel over your chest facing your encased head. I rest myself on top of your breasts pinning your arms and body to the ground and slowly pull your hood off. You squint as the yellow lights above you obscure your vision as I unlock your ball gag and pull it from your mouth. Your jaw slowly relaxes but I quickly shove a ring gag into you forcing your mouth back open.
Your jaw groans as you let out startled gurgles and groans that grow into screams until a hard smack to your face quiets you.

"Shut up bitch!" I yell as I begin to undo my pants revealing my throbbing cock.
"Time for breakfast." I say and force my cock into your mouth.
My hands wrap around the back of your head pulling you onto it as I shove you down deep as you gurgle and gag beneath me. You legs kick as your head struggles but my firm grip keeps my member deep inside of you.

Please let me go!...I'm only sixteen!!", I splutter, your sperm rolling down my face, chin and breasts.
"What are you going to do to me? You've kidnapped me, tortured me, raped me and now I think I'm pregnant." I tremble, kneeling with my hands chained behind my back and your cum coating my face and breasts.

"How dare you speak you little slut!"
My hand slaps your face hard sending stars through your eyes as your cheek starts to redden.
"That's it you little bitch, you're more trouble than your worth. The last one I brought here learned her place but you, you just don't know when to shut your mouth."
I lift myself off of you and walk out the door leaving your cum-drenched face and squirming body laying on the cold cement. You roll onto your back and try to wipe the cum off of your face but only add more dirt and grime to it. Finally you roll back onto your back and look down at your violated teenage body. Your budding breasts and violated rose greet you as the dirty little puffball smileys on your socks look up at your disgraced and wet face.
I emerge back through the door carrying a box and set it on the bed and pull out a noose. The sight of it sends tidal waves of fear through your body as you scream at me to stop.

"NO! No! I'll be good! I'll let you do whatever you want! God no, I'm just sixteen! Please, I have a family, I'll be your slut, please god no!"

I tie it to one of the heavy pipes along the ceiling as it hangs there like a cruel ornament. As I walk out of the room and come back with a chair and set it beneath it.
"Now you little bitch, you will learn your place."

I pick up your writhing body as you continue screaming and bend you over the bed, "Oh what the hell, maybe I can get one last good fuck out of you."
I hold your head down threatening to smother you into the mattress as my cock enters your wrecked vagina as I begin ramming you into the mattress. Each thrust causing the bed to squeak as the though of each thrust brings me closer to orgasm, closer to what might be your death. You lay there silently moaning as waves of pleasure combine with waves of fear as you stare at the noose, my thrusts no longer phasing you as the world slips away as you stare at the tool of your demise. No more school, no more cheerleading, no more friends, no more family, not even being able to experience being a mother of the child in your stomach.

I finally arch my back and cum inside of you sending another army of semen flowing towards your ovaries until I finally pull out and clean myself up. I pull you up by your ponytail as you begin crying uncontrollably, the tears flowing down your cheeks like a waterfall. You stocking feet touch the chair as you struggle. I pull the noose over your head and tightly around your neck.

"Oh I am sorry little one, you had such promise of being a good breeder but you just couldn't learn how to accept your place but this should help teach you. Pity you can only learn this lesson once. Any last words?"

You look down at me, your eyes pleading as fear grips your body.
"I'll learn my place! I swear!!...I'll have your baby! Please don't kill me...I'll do anything!", you beg.

I'm helpless as you rape me again. I feel you flood me with your cum and then you pull me up and force me over to the chair.
"Please no! I'll have your baby! Please don't kill me...I'll do anything!". My begging falls on deaf ears as you pull my head back and slip the noose around my neck, tightening the loop until the noose presses against my throat. This can't be happening! I'm only sixteen and pregnant!
"I'll learn my place! I swear!!!", I rasp before you tie a scarf in mouth, pull up on the rope and force me to get onto the stool. You tie off the rope and leave me there.

I hear scuffling and muffled screaming. You appear in the doorway forcing another girl, bound and gagged in front of you. It takes me a second to realize...OMIGOD! You kidnapped my fourteen-year-old sister, Adrienne! She's wearing a white ruffled blouse, tight denim miniskirt, white knee socks and black skimmer flats.

Adrienne stares at me in horror, standing on a stool, helplessly tied up and gagged with a slightly swollen belly and a noose tightly around my neck.
"Well Adrienne,", you begin. "This is where Arielle has been for a month and a half and as you can see, she's pregnant. However she doesn't want to learn her place as a slave. Let me show you what will happen to you if you don't give yourself to me totally."

You turn to me, a malevolent gleam in your eyes.
"Your sister will make a good slave, so I don't need you anymore.", you snarl, placing your foot up on the stool and shoving it backward. The chair falls out from underneath me and the noose jerks tight into my throat! My stocking feet kick as I sway back and forth unable to utter a sound. Sparkling motes dance in front of my eyes and my head begins to buzz. I look over and see tears rolling down Adrienne's face. I begin to slip under into death's embrace. Soon I'll be a murdered sixteen-year-old rape victim!

The noose tightens around your neck, crushing your throat as your life drains away from your body as your sister looks on in horror. Your feet kick back and forth as you sway closer and closer to death. I pull back my arm and swing cutting the rope with a sharp knife. You flop to the ground with a sickening thud and you feel the noose loosen around your neck.
You cough and gag as your sister tries to wiggle over towards you. I pull her hair back and yank her to the ground. You try to look towards her but all you see is blurred figures. You feel my arms wrap around you and lift you up as you slowly black out completely.

You awake several hours later your mouth dry as a cotton ball, your neck stiff, as your head throbs. Slowly your vision returns as the cries of your sister fills your ears. Panic fills your head as you struggle with your hands and legs but they refuse to work as your binds keep you still. Looking up you see me pumping your teenage sister with her legs up in the air, her stocking feet waving and kicking empty air as I rape her.
You try to form words but your mouth refuses to work from the shock of nearly being murdered. All you can do is listen to Adrienne's screams as she moans and orgasms.
Slowly I look over at you, "Oh, you're awake. Well, it's about time, as I have a fun little task for you."
I kneel over your body, my throbbing member right above your dirt-smudged face, "You're going to beg me to put my cock in your mouth, you will beg me to make you cum, and you will beg me to let you swallow my cum. Because if you don't, I will hit this button in my hand and a pulley system will drag your sister up into the air and hang her."

I lean down and kiss your dirty forehead, still stained by dirt and cum, "So, what do you say? Are you gonna start begging me? Or hang your sister?"
Looking up you see your sister, a gag tied tightly in her mouth as her eyes plead with you. A noose dangles above a second stool, waiting to claim Adrienne as its next young victim. She moans from the abuse done to her vagina.

Gradually, I wake up on the bed with a headache and a sore throat. My hands are tied underneath me behind my back and my stocking feet are tied together.
"MMUMMUGHFFF!!", I scream into my gag as my eyesight slowly goes from blurry to clear and I see you raping my sister, Adrienne!
She's laying on the floor with her wrists tied above her head behind a narrow steel support and your huge cock is pounding deep inside her. It reminds me of the first time you ravaged me. I imagine to my horror, both Adrienne and I pregnant and being forced to have your babies! She's younger than I am by about a year and a half, and I wonder what's happening in the outside world. Are they looking for us? Are there any witnesses to Adrienne's kidnapping? I know nobody saw me get abducted.
"Oh, you're awake. Well, it's about time, as I have a fun little task for you.", you leer.

You take a wet wipe and wash my face.
"Just because you're a dirty little whore doesn't mean you have to look like one.", you snarl, as you kneel over my body with your throbbing member right above my face, "You're going to beg me to put my cock in your mouth, you will beg me to make you cum, and you will beg me to let you swallow my cum. Because if you don't, I will hit this button in my hand and a pulley system will drag your sister up into the air and hang her until she's dead."
OMIGOD! I think, as I imagine you hanging Adrienne and dumping her teenage corpse into some unknown grave.

"P-P-Please!", I stammer. "I'll do anything you want! Please let me suck your penis! Please make me cum! Use me like a whore and cum in my mouth! Please, I beg you. Don't kill her!!" You rub your cock on my lips and having no choice, I open my mouth. You slide into my warm, wet mouth, pumping your manhood down my throat. I breathe through my nose to keep from gagging. I feel your hand snake down my quivering belly as your finger slides through my thin patch of pubic hair and between my pussy lips. Gently, you swirl your long, fat finger around my clit, sending exquisite tingles through me. I suck your cock with an earnest desire not to see Adrienne get killed. I begin to climax and I moan around your penis. Your shaft plunges deeply down my throat as my approaching orgasm reaches a crescendo. I can see Adrienne out of the corner of my eye, watching me in horror. Soon you tense up and you spew your thick, salty jism into my mouth and onto my face. Eagerly, I swallow your semen, praying that neither of us will wind up dead. Tears of shame and despair spill down my cheeks, as I begin to sob around your softening penis. I feel your cum dripping down my face and neck. I wonder if Adrienne and I will ever see our parents or friends again. You tie the scarf back in my mouth and survey us two frightened girls.

Kidnapper:My hand brushes against your hair, "Such a good breeder but I'm sorry, I have found a better use for your sister."
I walk out of the room. You look at Adrienne as she moans and begins to sob uncontrollably. She hides her face from you in shame and fear as the sound of two pairs of footsteps approaches and the door swings back open. A new man and myself walk through and approach your sister as you watch us with fear in your eyes as we survey your sister.

He's in his early forties, about 6'3", 230 lbs with long salt and pepper grey hair pulled back in a ponytail and a goatee. He's wearing a dark grey double-breated suit and expensive Italian shoes. He holds onto a briefcase as he stares down at Adrienne's bound and gagged body. He looks like a businessman or a banker. You can't place his accent which sounds Russian to you.

"I'll take her." He says and opens the briefcase, showing me a large number of bills, totalling $ 1,000,000. Your sister starts screaming up at us, "No! Oh god no-mmpp!!" I shove a wad of cloth into her mouth and duct tape her mouth shut followed by a hood over head while removing the noose.
"She still needs some breaking in, but I'm sure you'll have fun with that." I say as I pick her writhing body and give her a good solid punch to the head and her body goes limp. He slings Adrienne's unconscious body over his shoulder and carries her away, her kneesock-clad feet sliding by your head.
"What about her?" He asks.
"She won't fetch a good price, so I'll dispose of her properly."
We leave the room and fear grips your heart as you struggle against your bonds but they hold you tight, steadfast in their determination for you to meet your end. I slowly re-enter the room and reach down for your terrified body and begin dragging you across the floor towards the noose and lift you up onto your feet as your socks become wet from your sister's juices beneath them as I slip the noose over your head and pull you up onto a chair.
Your muffled screams and pleading eyes beg me desperately to let you go but each passing moment only assures your end.
"Oh, you were a good breeder, but alas, I was wrong, the price for you isn't even worth the food and lodging you would require. And naturally I cant let you go, so I'm sorry."
Your eyes grow wide as you spread your legs showing off your clit as a means to show your submission as you beg to be let go.

My finger plays with your clit, "I know, I know, you have a great pussy, but your body just isn't worth the money to keep you alive."

I step back and pull the slack around your neck tight and tie it down as tears stream down your cheeks as thoughts of your sister, Adrienne run through your head, how she will never see her family again, how she will be forced into a life of sexual slavery as your own young life is about to end.
The chair disappears from underneath your stocking feet and the rope snaps tight around your neck and your legs kick out as you struggle to scream. The pressure is unbearable as your lungs scream for oxygen, your head ready to explode as your own weight and the weight in your stomach strangle the life from you. Your legs kick while the world fades to black and slowly your legs cease their kicking and your sixteen-year-old corpse begins swaying slowly with the creaking rope around your neck. Your nightmare has finally ended with the snap of a rope and the darkness around you.
Katherine:  "Such a good breeder but I'm sorry, I have found a better use for your sister." The horrifying words resound in my ear. What?, I think. What are you going to do with Adrienne?!! She and I are crying in great heaving sobs, as you leave the room. A few minutes later you return with another man.

He's in his early forties, about 6'3", 230 lbs with long salt and pepper grey hair pulled back in a ponytail and a goatee. He's wearing a dark grey double-breated suit and expensive Italian shoes. He holds onto a briefcase as he stares down at Adrienne's bound and gagged body. He looks like a businessman or a banker. I can't place his accent which sounds Eastern European, maybe Russian.
"How old did you say she was?", he asks.
"Fourteen years old. She would have been a high school freshman this coming year.", you reply. "I'll take her." He says and opens the briefcase, showing you a large number of bills, totalling $1,000,000. She screams in protest at being sold into slavery until you gag her and slip a black canvas bag over her head. She squirms in futility until you punch her in the side of the head and knock her out. The man slings her unconscious body over his shoulder and carries her away!
He asks about how much I was and I'm horrified at the conversation.
"Arielle? She won't fetch a good price, so I'll dispose of her."
Dispose of me?!! You don't mean what I think you you??!! You walk the man out and I struggle in vain against the ropes tightly tying my hands and feet together. I have to get free but it's no use.

My blood runs cold as I hear your approaching footsteps. You slowly walk toward me with a malevolent gleam in your eyes. You grab me and drag me over to the stool with a noose dangling over it! Oh no! Not that!
"MMUMMFFF!!...MUGHMMPPHHHHT!!!", I scream as you slip the thick loop over my head and tighten it around my neck. Hoisting me up, you set my stocking feet on the stool and take up the slack on the noose until it's tight! My gag muffles my pleading and you finger me for a little while.
"You have a great pussy, but your body just isn't worth the money to keep you alive."
My life flashes before my eyes. Thoughts of me at cheerleading practice, Adrienne drawing her pictures, family trips that will never happen again. I think of Adrienne, sold into slavery, soon to be nothing more than property far away from home. I imagine her, pregnant and being forced to have her captor's baby! You pull the stool out from under my feet and I pitch into empty air! My muffled screams are suddenly cut off as the noose pulls tight into my throat. My bound legs twitch and kick. My head begins to buzz and tears roll down my cheeks into my gag, as motes sparkle and flash in front of my eyes. You sit down on the bed and it's clear that you're really going to kill me this time! My struggles wane, my lungs burn for want of air and my eyelids grow heavy. Everything goes dark. Soon, my teenage corpse sways lazily back and forth at the end of a creaking rope...kidnapped, raped and murdered at sixteen! My ordeal has ended and Adrienne's has just begun.  My parents will never see or hear from either of us ever again!!